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Tiger Turmoil

Tanner’s Take-

This week I want to talk about Tiger.  Yup that’s right, Tiger Woods.  Whether you watched the golf tournament or not you have probably heard the whirlwind of opinions flowing in about his golf game.  Or maybe you have heard the discussion about his quest to surpass Jack’s record for majors.  His barrage of poor shots this past week certainly makes you wonder.  I believe he simply won’t accomplish the feat.  His constant quest for swing changes and coaches has undoubtedly gotten to his head.  The guy can’t even hit a simple chip on the putting surface.  If that’s not mental I don’t know what is.  You cannot tell me the most dominant player to ever tee it up can’t chip a golf ball on the surface.  We won’t even go into the fact that he is unable to hit a green in regulation or hit his drive somewhere on the planet.  So how will the impact the industry?  I’m not sure.  My guess is that it’s not going to be positive.  Nike has invested a lot of money in their golden child and they need him to play well.  He sells tickets, advertising, commercials, golf equipment and the intangibles are immeasurable.  Golf needs another dominant player that gets the golfing community fired up.  This is going to take time!  So I’m going to take the high road!  Mr. Woods……….get it together man!  Golf needs you whether we like it or not!

And that my friends is Tanners Take!