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The Industry’s a Changin’

Hello everybody!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day as we ease ever so close to Christmas!  Today I wanted to take some time to talk about a shift in the industry. As many of you are aware Dick’s Sporting goods shook the golf industry with their announcement a few months ago.  So the question is….where do you buy your golf equipment. The days of big box retail are ever dwindling and their prices are not going to get any cheaper. These businesses used to seek out professionals who could fit you to the proper equipment and get to know you and your game. Most of these companies have opted for labor savings instead of service and I believe this has hurt you as the player. 

So you ask yourself…….where can/should I go to optimize my game and invest in the right equipment?  It’s where you play the game!  Now I know this wasn’t always the case.  Pro shops took way too long to adapt.  You the golfer would pay higher prices at your local pro shop because it was the only place to buy equipment. You would pay more for convenience as well.  As a matter of fact, there are still some shops that continue to use this approach. And I don’t blame you for steering clear.  Why wouldn’t you head to the local big box retailer or even online? But, that leads us back to our issue at hand.  The simple fact is though, your local professional and staff are trained to help your game.  We want to see you shoot lower scores and enjoy yourself each and every round. The vendors feel this way too!  Now, they give us the best deals so that we can pass them on to you. It wasn’t always this way, but times are a changin’! And here at Centennial we are going to lead by example!  The next time you decide to hit the links, find out for yourself. You will save strokes and cash! Who doesn’t want to do that?