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Golf + Core Workout

Well, its that time of year again.  The summer is over, I didn't lose the weight or exercise properly and my scores have shown it.  Perfect time to start my Golf Exercise Program!  Check in with me regularly please and hold me accountable, I would really appreciate the help!  Read More

How to Skip the Gym for Golf

If you are like me, your exercise program falls into the "Best Intentions" and rarely gets properly executed for more than a week at a time.  This gym vs golf article from Golf Digest should be right up your (and my) alley!  Of course, a committed exercise regimen would be ideal but these Read More

Golf + Millennials

I came across this article over the weekend about our favorite generation and their impact on golf - millennials. Read the CNBC article on golf and millennials. Lots of good stuff in there, I hope you enjoy and see you soon here at Centennial!  Read More

Daily struggle with the golf swing

Ever feel like your daily struggle with the golf swing is yours and yours only?  Well, trust me, you are not alone.  A favorite writer of mine from the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote a nice article.  It made my laugh and smile with recognition.  I hope you enjoy it.  See you Read More

PGA Championship is this week...Who do you like?

The PGA Championship is this week at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, NC.  Who do you like?  I am staying on the Rory McElroy bandwagon but that's just me.  The PGA's place in the heirarchy of golf tournaments has always been an interesting subject.  I came across this PGA Read More

Congratulations to...

Congratulations to Oak Ridge resident & Centennial Golf Course neighbor Sophia Schubert - the 2017 US Women's Amateur Champion!  What a great achievement!  Here is a nice article recapping her victory. Read the article on Sophia here. Read More

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