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Changes in Golf

If you are a golfer, you probably have heard of the proposed changes to the rules that were released recently.  It is very interesting to me to learn the thought process involved in the changes, what they hope gets accomplished, and how much push back against them develops - especially among Read More

"Play It Forward"

When I was younger, I used to be one of the those golfers who always played the "tips", the pro tees, the golf course at its longest and most challenging. Now, I enjoy hitting from tee box that allows me to hit some wedge, 9-iron and 7 iron approach shots - something that would not happen from the Read More

Train the Brain... for Putting!

There are plenty of annoying shots in golf but one of the most frustrating is poor putting.  Help has arrived though!  Click here to read the article from Golf digest that I really enjoyed and found very helpful.  Follow its advice, and I guarantee your putting will improve. Read More

Golf is a game of tradition

Golf is a game of tradition and etiquette that changes a little bit with each passing generation.  I was born in 1961 making me of the youngest members of the Baby Boom generation and I certainly approached the game differently than my father did.  Subsequently, each new set of golfers Read More

Let's Talk Masters?

It's never too early to start talking about the Masters Here are two articles that I enjoyed about the history, mindset, money and big personalities involved in making Augusta National what it is today. Read More

Swinging Better

"Swinging Better" is a goal for all golfers, all the time. The attached article from Golf Digest shows the great value of training in more than 1 plane at a time.  The golf swing is diagonal and it is important to train diagonally.  The exercises look simple, but they are exhausting and I Read More

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