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Tough summer but better days ahead...

Following one of the worst icy winters for Bermuda grass in recent years that left acres of turf in need of recovery and irrigation issues resulting in difficult greens conditions, the team at Centennial Golf Club is excited about finishing up the season on a positive note. As Spring emerged, it quickly became apparent that the ice storms from this past Winter left behind sizable areas of winter kill around Centennial.  Recovery plans were promptly put into motion to re-grass and sod impacted areas.  The early response helped expedite recovery getting the Bermuda playing surfaces back, providing a summer for establishment to help guard against future winter kill issues. Unfortunately, an unexpected irrigation issue led to a decline in putting conditions that continued into the Fall. With no quit, the staff has worked hard to get conditions back, setting up for a great final quarter, just in time to give you a taste of what to expect next year, picking up where we left off.