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Night Golf!

This is by far one of the most unique events in all of golf. It’s almost indescribable. They are really a lot of fun, from competitive golfers to weekend warriors, everyone has a blast! One of the most common questions we get is; how does all that work? I understand, it’s tough to imagine without seeing it for yourself. Tee boxes are illuminated with small candles. Almost like an airport runway, the glow sticks line up your desired target. The greens are surrounded by glowing bags, with LED lights marking the pin. It’s a beautiful sight and you will usually see a few folks having a cold beer while observing the glowing lights flying through the sky after finishing up their round. These lights are actually the multi-colored LED lights that each participant is issued upon checking in. As the event is getting ready to start you can almost feel the excitement building in anticipation, especially for first timers.  As everyone gathers together for final announcements around the tiki torches everyone collects their glow necklaces, they file out like a glowing caterpillar out to their hole and to begin their journey for another round of NIGHT GOLF!

A glowing night golf ball at Centennial Golf Course in TN