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Internet Videos

Tanner’s Take-

Internet videos!  Yup that’s right! Today I want to dive into the world of internet videos.  Vines, facebook, twitter, youtube…. they are everywhere!  And who is making these videos?  You are!  People like you and I are making videos every day.  People are data crazy these days.  If someone has a good video EVERYONE with an internet connection wants to see it.  So why am I talking about this?  Because this year I want to encourage you to do something most people will snub their nose at!  When you are getting your gear together for your next round of golf, don’t forget the camera, gopro, or cell phone.  You never know when YOUR video might be the next viral video to drop.  You may shoot plenty of pointless videos but that’s what the “delete” button is for.  I guarantee you that you will have some memories worth sharing by the end of the season.  Here is a few tips!  When your partner is in the trees or you have an impossible shot take a few seconds to have someone hit RECORD.  Just make sure to tag Centennial Golf Course or send us a link on facebook.  Keep your cart tires on the ground and the lens cover off! 

And that my friends is Tanners Take!